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  • About Swan Lake 3D

    This summer, one month after the opening of Mariinsky 2 in St Petersburg, a unique event took place.


    A special performance of Swan Lake - celebrating the beginning of Russian ballet 275 years ago in the Winter Palace.


    It was the first ever 3D Live transmission of ballet from a theatre to cinemas around the  world


    You can now see this special recording of Swan Lake in cinemas near you.


    Please check participating screens - and join Mariinsky Ballet in St Petersburg on a special evening.


  • Meet The Mariinsky

  • Meet the Director of

    The Mariinsky Theatre

    Valery Gergiev

    Mariinsky Live 3D

    Valery Gergiev

    Bringing the audiences into the home
    of the Mariinsky

    Valery Gergiev

    Screening the Live 3D ballet in the new Mariinsky II Theatre

    Valery Gergiev

    Говорит о Мариинский 3D

    Valery Gergiev

    Говорит о живой балетной 3D-трансляции в новом Мариинском театре

    Valery Gergiev

    Говорит о Санкт-Петербурге - прекасном городе Мариинского театра

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