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June 6 - Your Reviews!


On June 6 - Swan Lake Mariinsky Live made history 
- the first ever 3D Live Ballet from a theatre to cinemas around the world.


Thank-you everyone who has written to us.


Here are some of your reviews.





Japanese distributor of Mariinsky Live
- Japan cinemas will show Mariinsky Live Swan Lake June 23


Congratulation on the wonderful live broadcast of Mariinsky Yesterday.

I watched it at the teleport where the production was recorded and it was really AMAZING!



Jenny Gilbert - The Independent newspaper London - Review Extracts


This was an international collaboration at every level. Yet the initial thrill of Thursday's live streaming derived from the simple sense of being in St Petersburg, in any dimension. From the screening room in Leicester Square you could hear the leader of the Mariinsky orchestra rehearsing the demanding bits. On curtain-up, though, they ( the cameras)  swooped into the pit to give a visceral experience of Valery Gergiev conducting the overture, the 3D giving you the heady impression of being embedded with the second fiddles.


The glittering first-act trio prompted spontaneous applause in the cinema – some of it, no doubt, tinged with pride at a fine showing from the young British dancer Xander Parish. Predictably, though, it was the lakeside scenes, with their hallucinogenic patterns created by the 32 swans, that most benefited from 3D, intensifying perspective and clarity...






Vicky Taylor Cinema - Leicester Square London


It was absolutely fantastic. I did have butterflies waiting for the link to show on your behalf, but once you got going it was flawless. The 3D/live aspect did make you think you were there in the auditorium,  but with a
better view. Seeing the conductor and all the facial expressions of the dancers really worked.


The audience in London clapped at all the right junctures just as if they were there.  I definitely got the impression that they were all impressed.



Cynthia White


We were at the theater in Cleveland, OH last night to see the 3D production. It was so BEAUTIFUL! Fell asleep last night dreaming of this ballet. It will stay with me for a long time. I am now a big fan of the Mariinsky and it's wonderful troupe of performers. The settings! The Costumes!

The Orchestra! I could go on and on. Oh, please, please, please release this on DVD. This was a cultural highlight for me this year.



Amy Brown


Thank for hosting such beautiful event! My ballet obsessed 10 year daughter and I marveled at the outstanding talent of all the dancers and the orchestra. Bravo to all that made this event possible!



Klarien Mannes


Hi, greetings from the Netherlands. What an experience! Thank you for organising this. Was quite weird to eat nachos during the ballet.  What a innovative approach. Only thing I regret is that I could not applaud. What a good performance!!! Give the rewards to all of the dacers please.




Vesna Lončarević Labar


Hi, greetings from Zagreb-Croatia.We have just arrieved home from Swan Lake 3D Live.It was magic! Ballet dansers were so perfect, Ekaterina Kondaurova and Timur Askerov special. WE ENJOYED!! Give my kindest regardes to all crew ! Vesna